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What Makes a Selfie Pole Great?

What Makes a Selfie Pole Great?

Regardless of your outlook on selfies, the scores of self-portraits feeds populating your twitter, Instagram and Facebook aren’t going anywhere. Not any time soon. Selfies have become a norm rather than something new in today’s society. One of the reasons behind this trend is the increase in the level of smartphones that are shipped equipped with a front-facing camera. In this article, we’re going to highlight and examine some of the features that make any one selfie stick great!

Extended Arm

With an extended arm, your photography just gets better. You don’t have the length to capture all the photos and background you need with just your arm. A selfie stick adds an extendable 24 inch length to your everyday selfie capture. If you’re looking to take a group selfie, you’ll just realize how important this added length can be.

Android, IPhone Stand

A good selfie stick will come with a stand accessory that supports an iPhone. This way, you can easily clip your Apple device to the accessory to be able to capture your selfies. More so, it should also offer support for android smartphones, cameras and a wide range of other devices that support photography. To simply state it, you’re looking for a selfie stick that has a front clipper that’s compatible with just about any photography device that you can think about.

Capture Button

If you haven’t used a selfie stick any time before, you might be wondering how you’ll be able to hit your smartphone’s camera app capture button when it’s 10 inches away. Selfie sticks aren’t just a manual/physical accessory. They are tech gadgets that synchronize with your android smartphone, iPhone or camera via Bluetooth. This way, you can easily press an accessible button on the selfie pole to be able to take the self-portrait.

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Cool Video Games & What you Need to Know About Consoles

video gamesLooking to play the best PlayStation 4 video games? The PS4, the PS3, the Xbox One, the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii are just a few among many video games consoles that have attracted a massive global following. These video gaming consoles represent the best of technology, and all the same make video gaming a lot easier. If you’re looking to make the best out of any of them, here are a few things you need to know about video gaming consoles.

What’s best is Up to You

There has been a raging debate among video gaming buffs regarding what is the best video gaming console available in the market. While some people will say that the Xbox One is the number one video gaming console, others will place their bets on the Nintendo Wii. Largely though, most video gaming buffs tend to agree, one way or the other, that the title for the best video gaming console is a contest between the Xbox One and the PS4. This is based on the notion that these 2 consoles leverage the best of video gaming features, including processing power and storage prowess. What you choose to accept as the best video gaming console will depend on your preferences though.

You Need Accessories

When you’re getting ready to purchase a video gaming console, you’ll have all the money ready. But nobody probably told you that you’ll need much more than the price-value of the console. Almost all the top video gaming consoles will need you to purchase accessories so you can make the best use out of them. For instance, if you’re going to buy the PS4, you’ll need the Ortz PS4 fan to tackle the overheating problem on your device. is a great place to get this accessory, which also serves as a vertical stand and dual charging base for the controllers. For the Xbox One, you might need to purchase a rechargeable battery pack so as to tackle the fast battery drain problem. All in all though, you should be prepared to spend a lot more purchasing accessories.

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Civilization IV

civilization 4A video game with numbers of facilities having in depth fun, music, strategy and multiplayer option is all a game player expect from a high end game. And Civilization IV is one of such a games which offer you more than you could find in such an amazing game. It is very frequently sold video game and no fan leave this game on the gaming store shelves.

Civilization IV is famously addictive game you would ever play and it is near difficult to stop playing this video game. Once you have started you will keep on playing with more thrill and excitation. It has better graphics than its previously released versions. However, some of the fans love playing its previous versions as well they were bit high scoring and easy to play. It has easier user friendly features to play and for multiplayers it is easier to jump into than Bandfuse: Rock Legends. Although this video game has slightly difficult settings to be handled for a newbie but it brings a challenging feelings being able to understand settings in such high graphical games.

Something that makes Civilization IV game a classical turned highly played video game is the number of characters included with improved results in graphical point of view. The classical version of this game was almost untouched and not much played. Therefore, those who are new at this game would find it very difficult to play. Apart from that, if you are seeking to experience something more about real game play then it may disappoint you little bit since it lacks real gameplay.

Moreover, it is recommend if you are playing this game for the first time and have never played its earliest version released in 1995 then you must start playing those first for easy understanding. This game might not be perfect over variety of other games in the market, but has more to concern with motivation and challenge.

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grand theft autoWhen it comes to video games, one cannot just believe the world without GTA Voice City; one of the most favorite games of all times. It broke most of the gaming records in sales point view and there have been launched various versions of this video game by now. GTA V lauded for his excellent graphics and has many game lovers all around the world.

GTA V is very big enough to rule out the previous GTA IV. It has numerous areas included in it which makes it interesting as well as exciting for game players. Including hundreds of miles of areas and different other places just to bring amusement and more fun has made the current version of this game more splendid. The small towns, unique buildings, rivers, beaches, and all this stuff add great curiosity to a player and a video game like GTA V has winning feature of these stuffs.

In order to add more spice for the players they having introduced a variety of random events to feel it more like real life experience. The most amazing and enjoying experience in the game is of course that music you keep on enjoying while playing GTA V and running behind all the cars or pulling anyone to get down of their car is surely a better part than doing anything else. The gun fighting is so thrilling and adds crisp to your character when you succeed chasing your car killing the policemen.

Grand Theft Auto V is most awaited game for a very long time. It is compatible with PCs and lets you enjoy the story of three very famous characters of the GTA. Moreover, the optimization it has featured with better than ever graphical interface and more music have made it the most competent and emerging game of today. GTA V is essentially an awesome video game for PCs having improved graphics and nice updates anyone would love to play.

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Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

C.O.H- opposing frontsYou won’t find a strategy video game better than Company of Heroes which is full of combat and action. Opposing fronts has characters of army featuring to fight with variety of full length campaigns. It has multiplayer option whereby players with exciting mode can battle with army having access to user friendly compatible features. Company of heroes is an awesome game which doesn’t need any recommendations since the game title opposing fronts itself has more of what a game lover would expect.

It has good expansion and some of them are pre-loaded with many features. The game gives the user an experience of what the original game had with some new features added making it remixed. And it becomes as valuable as the original first game with the facility of pairs, single player campaigns and multiplayer. The significant packs help you have extra feature of single player action. The strategic and inventive styles in this video game has made it more beneficial taking aside its downfall which is balance problems. With the two branded factions and multiplayer facility in full groom it provides numerous challenges. This game can be easily recommend to whoever had played the first game and it would be real fun no doubt!

The most interesting thing about this game is it makes the player to be in a state of great decision making as well as responsibility. It gives the user an experience of thinking quickly and rewards with attention to detail. It lets you understand how handling those having nothing out of these. This is a real time strategy game. When playing the original version it will make you believe that this is the fully final package with everything in it but opposing fronts reveals very well that you are going to experience the innovation in the world of video games and that is what they offer. This could be the never miss once played for sure.

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